Flame Retardant

The Home of Fire Retardant and Flame Resistant Clothing

When working with heavy machinery and equipment, there’s a chance that things can get a little heated – and I’m not talking about the take a deep breath and let’s experiment kind of heated. I mean the kind that results in third degree burns and the loss of eyebrows. Ensure you’re kitted out with the gear that’s going to keep you safe and get your hands on some flame resistant clothing from All Round Workwear.

We are an online provider of all things work clothing related. Our range of fire retardant clothing is ensured to stand up to the worst your employment has to throw at you – short of a Molotov cocktail of course.

Just a single spark can ignite a flame on the wrong clothing

Sometimes all it takes is that one cheeky spark to get into the folds off your top and start smouldering away without you even realising it. The first you’ll typically hear of it is the extremely subtle cue of your shirt catching alight. Don’t risk it – purchase workwear that has the fire resistant qualities you can rely upon.

Our flame retardant options will still provide the same level of comfort you’ve become accustomed to with the rest of our exceptional clothing, but offers a level of protection that will meet your employers’ safety standards. Some of our drill shirts incorporate PrimeTech CH fire retardant cotton and will provide a natural fibre feel against your skin.

What we offer besides quality fire resistant clothing

We have always placed a high importance on customer service and aim to make your time shopping with us as painless as possible. To reinforce this notion, we offer all of our shoppers free shipping anywhere in Australia, for both our fire resistant options and the rest of the range.

On top of this, we also offer a 30 day returns policy for all clothing that still has its tags attached and is in resalable condition. Just hang onto your receipt docket and we’ll be able to ensure you have the right size or style that you need.

The rest of the range

Flame resistant workwear is just the tip of the iceberg, we also have on hand hi vis shirts, safety workwear, hospitality, trousers and women’s safety uniforms.

We’re just a phone call away

If you see something in our fire retardant range that you want, give us a call, or even if you don’t, call us anyway so we can find a solution. We can source items not found in our range and do our best to track them down for you. Our number is (03) 8742 4088.