Safety Gear

Australia’s Leaders in Industrial Safety Workwear

There are many professionals in the industry who rely on what they wear to work to provide vital protection from a number of different dangers. This is why All Round Workwear strives to only provide a collection of the most reliable and high quality industrial workwear that adheres to the strictest safety standards.

The importance of quality safety workwear

The reliability of safety workwear is not a matter to take lightly, as any faulty or low quality product can potentially result in serious and lifelong damages which may prevent them from ever working again. It is for this reason that we only provide brands with a proven track record for producing top end workwear that is quality assured to fulfil their basic safety requirements.

Industrial safety clothing to protect your staff

One of the main concerns for a workers’ safety is that they are visible at all times and easily identifiable. This is both for the protection of the worker and for anybody who might be around at the time, on the roads or otherwise. Tradies are often in locations with frequent traffic and heavy machinery, and a hi vis vest may be the only thing that prevents them from becoming flattened. Our online industrial workwear comes with reflective tape on the front and back to ensure visibility as well as a number of different materials, including cotton and polyester, ensuring they meet your specific requirements.

Top-quality safety glasses for maximum protection

One of the most vulnerable areas on the body is the eyes and when working with heavy machinery, shrapnel and flying shards can become quite common. Protect your baby blues with protective eye wear and keep your vision intact. We have models with anti scratching lens that are resistant to becoming foggy, ensuring constant visibility.

Save your hearing with industrial earmuffs

The common Australian mantra ‘she’ll be right,’ can lead to a lot of avoidable injuries by neglecting standard safety precautions. Invest in our hearing protection workwear and hold off deafness until you’re in your 80s.

If the safety glove fits

Gloves aren’t just good for keeping your fingers warm and can offer extra protection when handling machinery and tools. Some of our models can do both, with their winter lined heat lock features to prevent those fingers from dropping off during the biting winter cold.

Interested in the rest of our workwear range?

We can cater to many other requirements, including hospitality clothing, women’s safety workwear, trousers and fire retardant clothing. Give us a call on (03) 8742 4088 to find out more on what products can work for you